General Dentistry

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General Dentistry


  • Visiting us twice a year is the best way to ensure that you maintain optimal oral health. We create a comfortable environment for all ages to check your teeth. Ensuring that every patient, young and old, will get a predictable safe and educational visit.

Dental cleanings

  • Our skilled staff will assess your oral health and what type of cleaning you will need. Whether you have perfect hygiene or have periodental disease, we will provide the proper type of cleaning to make sure that you are able to maintain the best possible oral health.

Digital x-rays

  • Dental X-rays are a useful diagnostic tool when helping your dentist detect damage and disease not visible during a regular dental exam. Digital X-Rays are preferred over standard X-rays because they significantly reduce the patients' exposure to radiation. From the panoramic x-ray, which captures your whole mouth, to the individual xrays done chair side, all our equipment is state of the art digital to ensure your safety and guarantee more accurate diagnosing.


  • Sealants are a thin, protective coating that adheres to the chewing surface of your back teeth. They’re no substitute for brushing and flossing, but they can keep cavities from forming and may even stop early stages of decay from becoming a full-blown cavity.

Mouth guards

  • We make a variety of different mouth guards depending on what the situation calls for.
    • Sports mouth guards to protect your mouth during physical sports which may cause trauma to teeth
    • Night guards are recommend for people who grind at night. Bruxism (teeth grinding) causes wear and damage to your teeth while increasing the occurrence of headaches and jaw pain. Wearing a night guard will minimize the damage by stabilizing your jaw while you sleep.
    • Snore guards which are a form of mouth guards that will help alleviate some sleep apnea, to help reduce snoring and increase air flow to provide a more comfortable nights rest.